How Refractive Error Affects Education

18th July, 2018

 Temisan held her chest in fear and started to cry. She thought the figures were right, but she always got sums wrong, and sentences mixed up. She felt so sad and cried some more.


14th March, 2018

Ocular injuries are caused by various agents. Primary among these agents include stick/wood splinters, stones, pieces of metal, glass, fall, plastic, head-butt, fist blow and fingernails which can lead to penetrating or contusion injuries.  


1st June, 2016

A Pterygium is a thin fleshy triangular growth on the conjunctiva that may grow and extend over the surface of the cornea.  

Refractive Error

25th May, 2016

 All refractive errors must be taken seriously and treated promptly especially in Children. This is because for the eye to develop fully it must receive enough light stimuli to keep it working. 

Toric Contact Lenses

29th April, 2016

You’re not with those thick glasses you used to wear.  What happened? Did you visit a healer?”

Oculocutaneous Albinism

15th April, 2016

 How a pair of glasses changed an infant's world in an instant!


30th March, 2016

 That was the complaint a nine year old patient gave when she came into my consulting room the other day. She said and I quote, “whenever I close my right eye, everything looks wavy with my left eye. It’s like things are bent like a wave”.


23rd March, 2016

 There are varieties of eye problems that can cause headaches. In some cases, the headache is caused by the person squinting and overworking the eye muscles in an attempt to better focus the vision.