Toys and Eye Safety

27th April, 2015

 What do your kids play with? How safe is it? Find out that and more!

My Wedding Experience

20th April, 2015

 Every woman looks forward to that big day, every woman but me!

My Eyes

20th April, 2015

 The Eyes are very important in ensuring you experience the joy of living! 


17th December, 2014

  Introducing Metro Christmas clearance sales!!

Ever wanted to wear those expensive good looking frames by your favourite designers; TOMFORD, COLE HANN, JUST CAVALI, RAYBAN, GIVENCY, and lots more.

What is Retinitis Pigmentosa?

27th October, 2014

 Sometimes, you think you know it all, but here's a disease that is genetic and irreversible. Ever heard of Retinitis pigmentosa?


17th September, 2014

 How do I deal with Vernal Conjunctivitis?

An Eye Exam isn\'t on your summer to-do list?!

12th September, 2014

Is your child is performing poorly at school?  Be sure to have his or her eyes examined this summer by an eye doctor to rule out an underlying visual cause.